“These are some overdue conversations that need to be held in every possible arena,” Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. told “We Real Chicago” host Rome J. about the new film, Judas and the Black Messiah. The film, which premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, is based on the true story of William O’Neal, the man who worked as an FBI informant for years and betrayed Fred Hampton, the 21-year-old chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, who was killed by Chicago police officers in December 1969. (Read our film review here).

Like his father, Hampton Jr. is an activist and the founder of the Black Panther Party Cubs. On “We Real Chicago,” he said he served as a consultant on Judas, giving guidance to the filmmakers and actors.

Movement builder Damon Williams and film critic Danielle A. Scruggs also joined the conversation to discuss activism and the film.

To hear the conversation, watch the latest episode of “We Real Chicago.”

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