Black Summer 2O2O

On May 25, when 46-year-old George Floyd called out for his mother, as Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin had his knee on his neck, the people responded with rage.

On May 28, through viral videos on social media and nonstop news coverage, the world watched Minneapolis organizers set their Third Police District ablaze. It was clear that the country had reached a new peak in the Movement for Black lives. By making an attempt on capitalism, tearing down symbols of racism and American genocide, and screaming #DefundThePolice, the people demanded abolition.

The 2020 Black Summer project is our living archive of the uprisings that took place in Chicago following the death of George Floyd.

Black Folks Can’t Get No Rest

Movement work is a matter of life and death for many protesters and organizers in Chicago.

Hundreds of Chicago police made arrests without body cameras during 2020 uprisings

Our data analysis found that 834 CPD officers did not use body cameras during at least one arrest between May 28, and Aug.18.