The Mission

The TRiiBE is a digital media platform that is reshaping the narrative of Black Chicago and giving ownership back to the people. Our original works in journalism and documentary, alongside creative writing and video, capture the multifaceted essence of the Black experience in pursuit of truth and liberation.

The Team


Morgan Elise Johnson

Morgan's purpose is to make and protect Black history, so that future generations will know who we are. She's a filmmaker and visionary.

Tiffany Walden

Journalism and storytelling are Tiffany's forms of activism. She strives to humanize Black people, Black places and Black things in a way that would make Lorraine Hansberry smile.
Head of Operations / Lead Developer

David Elutilo

David aims to expand his knowledge in both tech and design, alongside discovering ways to use both to serve the Black community.
Audience & Marketing Manager

Nadia Harrald

Art Director

Ash Lane

Multimedia Reporter

Tonia Hill

Culture Correspondent

Jerome "Rome J." Johnson

Multimedia Producer

Tyger Ligon


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