TRiiBE contributor Raych Jackson is back with her award-winning “WTF!” political commentary video series; but this time, she’s addressing the state of American democracy.

In this latest episode of “WTF! America,” Jackson dissects the cringeworthy June presidential debate on CNN and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on presidential immunity. As President Joe Biden faltered and former president Donald Trump’s lies went unchecked, it became clear that America’s political landscape remains bleak. 

With promises to restore Roe v. Wade falling flat and both sides dodging crucial questions, Jackson highlights the ongoing failures of our broken systems. The SCOTUS decision further elevates the presidency to near-royalty status, granting alarming immunity. What thee actual f*ck, America?

The TRiiBE’s “WTF!” political commentary video series began during the 2023 Chicago municipal election as “Top Cop Candidate of the Week,” later evolving into “WTF! Chicago.”

Now, with the Democratic National Convention descending upon Chicago in August, followed by the 2024 presidential election in November, Jackson is tackling national politics in “WTF! America.”

is a contributor for The TRiiBE.