House music fever will continue throughout summertime Chi as the inaugural House Music Parade and Festival is set to take place on Aug. 31 at 10:00 a.m. in the South Loop during Labor Day weekend. As 2024 marks the 40th anniversary of the genre, the addition of a parade helps to solidify the legacy of house music for generations to come. 

The inaugural House Music Parade and Festival is a product of House Music 40, a nonprofit organization that uplifts and celebrates the legacy of house music while also providing benefits and assistance to pioneers of the genre. Chicago’s Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) is a partner in parade operations.

House Music 40 hopes to raise awareness around the significant contributions of Chicago’s house pioneers, and the impact they’ve had on music globally. The organization is led by Chicago producer Vince Lawrence alongside DJ and producer Chip E, the legendary Chosen Few DJs, and more.

Leading the parade in its debut is house producer DJ Farley “Jackmaster” Funk and Dr. Delece Williams of Kidz Korna, NFP. This celebration takes place after the Chicago House Music Festival in Millennium Park on June 2, another event that Farley and the Chosen Few DJs headlined in front of a large crowd of house heads. 

Farley is considered to be one of the pioneers of the genre. In 1985, he formed the label House Records with Chip E., and began releasing a number of influential and groundbreaking house tracks such as “Aw Shucks (Let’s Go Let’s Go),” “Funkin with the Drums,” “Jack the Bass,” “Give Yourself to Me” and more. 

“This is a huge year for house music as we celebrate 40 years of the genre’s first releases and a cultural movement started in our great city,” DCASE House Music Programmer David Chavez shared in a press release..

The Chosen Few DJs, a collective of influential Chicago house DJs founded by Wayne Willams under its original name “Chosen Few Disco Corp” , also have a strong stake in the origin story of house music. The group formed in the late 1970s, and consisted of Willams, Jesse Saunders, Alan King, and brothers Tony and Andre Hatchett. In 2006 they added a new member for the first time in 30 years, legendary DJ and producer Terry Hunter. In 2012, they also added producer and DJ Mike Dunn. 

The Chosen Few DJs are scheduled to host their annual Chosen Few Picnic and Festival in Jackson Park on July 13. The Festival has withstood the test of time, from its first few years behind the Museum of Science and Industry, starting in 1990, to now being the world’s longest-running event dedicated to house music with tens of thousands of attendees. The festival traditionally features some of the genre’s most popular local and international acts. Festival goers are encouraged to bring a full barbecue set up. Usually tailgates begin early in the morning and last throughout the day, creating a family-like atmosphere.

is a culture correspondent with The TRiiBE.