The TRiiBE, an award-winning digital media publication that’s reshaping the narrative of Black Chicago, is partnering with Haymarket Books for a special 2023 reissue of The TRiiBE Guide: Heritage Edition

“As a radical Chicago-based publisher, Haymarket is thrilled to be partnering with The TRiiBE to amplify the narratives of Black Chicago,” says Dana Blanchard, publicist at Haymarket Books. “The honoring of Black and Indigenous Chicago histories is what makes The TRiiBE Guide: Heritage Edition truly invaluable, and we’re looking forward to introducing this work to a new audience of readers.”

From the Indigenous peoples who fought to protect their rights on this Anishnabek land to the 2023 election of Mayor Brandon Johnson, the reissue continues to pay homage to the spirit of the Black and Indigeneous peoples who built the foundations that Chicago stands on today. The TRiiBE Guide: Heritage Edition features six new stories, and revamped page designs, that weaves readers through a history of innovation and the shaping American culture against all odds.

“I’m grateful that The TRiiBE is becoming a vessel for community building and connection across multiple platforms,” says Morgan Elise Johnson, co-founder and publisher of The TRiiBE. “We’ve always envisioned being in the book publishing space, so Haymarket Books is a manifestation of goals that we wrote down years ago. We’re excited to be a part of Haymarket’s community and radical tradition.”

The TRiiBE was established in 2017, by co-founders Tiffany Walden and Morgan Elise Johnson, to challenge the mainstream media’s dangerously one-sided violence narrative. 

Since then, The TRiiBE has grown, influencing racial and political conversations nationwide with its original stories and fearless, solutions-based reporting around Chicago. The TRiiBE has earned several awards, including Best Community/Neighborhood News in 2021.  

In 2019, The TRiiBE launched its print product, The TRiiBE Guide, to connect communities in a tangible way. The 2021 Heritage Edition, powered by Chicago Beyond, was a free educational resource uplifting forgotten or buried narratives about Black and Indigenous communities. 

“History is often remembered from the viewpoint of the oppressor. It is, and always has been, a radical act for Black and Indigenous peoples to document and tell their own stories,” says Tiffany Walden, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The TRiiBE. “Thanks to Haymarket Books, these stories will reach newer and wider audiences, breathing new life into the stories of our trailblazing ancestors.”

Haymarket Books is a radical, independent, nonprofit book publisher based in Chicago with the mission to publish books that contribute to the struggles for social and economic justice. Since its founding in 2001, Haymarket has published more than 900 titles from a myriad of authors, including Angela Y. Davis, Eve L. Ewing, Noam Chomsky, Mariame Kaba, and Howard Zinn. 

On Monday, Oct. 23, The TRiiBE and Haymarket Books will host a free launch party to celebrate the 2023 reissue of The TRiiBE Guide: Heritage Edition and its contributors at Haymarket House. The community will come together in an evening full of music, light refreshments, and readings from selected authors. Copies of The TRiiBE Guide will also be available for pre-order. 

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is assistant to the publisher for The TRiiBE.