Chicago R&B isn’t dead. 

There are many R&B artists in Chicago keeping the flame burning, and theMIND is one of them. Today, the singer-producer dropped his latest single, “SUMMIT.” It’s the first of five new tracks packaged into the upcoming deluxe edition of his 2020 album, Don’t Let It Go To Your Head, which drops on Aug. 26.

“In a world where we are told what we can and can’t be. What we can do with our bodies. What we’re supposed to be in ‘our’ futures, and everything else. It begins to feel like an uphill battle with no peak in sight,” theMIND said about the new single. “I wrote a song about finding the peaks in the journey instead of asking, ‘are we there yet?’ on the treacherous climb to progress.”

Produced by Chicago’s own prodxvzn, “SUMMIT” takes listeners on a two-minute emotional journey through theMIND’s climb out of despair into triumph, where he lets out a melodic exhale from the mountaintop in the refrain.

In his interview with The TRiiBE in 2020, just before the Nov. 13 release of Don’t Let It Go To Your Head, theMIND shared his experiences with struggling through a bad record label deal and having his passion for music nearly extinguished by a treacherous industry. Add on being a Black man in his early 30s who, like other millennials, had to go through the woes of dissolving friendships and being broke while trying to keep the creative engine running, it’s no wonder theMIND’s joys and pains on Don’t Let It Go To Your Head hits so personally.


The deluxe edition drops on Aug. 26. 

Until then, listen to Don’t Let It Go To Your Head, which includes features from some of his longtime friends and collaborators, including Saba, Phoelix and more.

is the editor-in-chief of The TRiiBE.