On Friday, Chicago fashion designer Sheila Rashid released her latest collection “Love Heals All,” a capsule with a heartfelt message exemplified by the central red heart motif that’s prominent in each piece.

“The heart is a symbol that anybody can recognize as meaning love,” Rashid said when I spoke to her on Nov. 30, three days ahead of the drop. “When people see that heart, I want it to be a reminder for people not only to love themselves, but to spread their love to others.”

This completely hand-cut and sewn capsule includes four items: a pair of jeans with a bright red heart sewn into the crotch ($350), a short-sleeved work shirt with a relaxed box silhouette ($200), a bucket hat ($50) each with a heart-adorned SR logo and a puffer tote bag ($158). Aside from the bag, which is offered only in red, the other garments are available online at sheilarashid.com in white, black and navy.

"On the surface just putting a heart on some jeans sounds simple, but I knew making it come together perfectly in the middle wouldn't be that easy," Sheila Rashid said.

“I first drew the heart on a pair of pants right after I had a moment with myself where I cried and cried over a personal experience with this girl,” Rashid says. “The heart is really the focal point of the collection. l went with white, navy [and] black. They each compliment the red of the heart and make it pop.”

As part of the collection, Rashid released an aesthetic-driven short film of the same name, “Love Heals All,” to convey that message.

Rashid celebrated the release of the collection, the short film and the drop of her renovated website sheilarashid.com with a film screening and live discussion at Soho House. The night opened up with poetry readings by Louie and Raych Jackson backed by a string quartet, which led into the two-minute short film.

The film, shot by Mikey Visuals and creative directed by Rashid’s manager Pheros, is pretty much a video lookbook featuring two models sporting the white and navy blue versions of the pants, hat and work shirt. The film is simple and aesthetically pleasing, much like the garments themselves. Rashid doesn’t implore any over-the-top design patterns for this one, but she is very intentional about innovating and experimenting with her sewing. 

“On the surface just putting a heart on some jeans sounds simple, but I knew making it come together perfectly in the middle wouldn’t be that easy,” Rashid said. “I knew that if I could execute it correctly, that design could make a huge impact.”

The jeans also feature a curved stitch on the inseam that makes for a visually satisfying stacking effect at the lower leg of the pant. Rashid has a reputation for the simple but impactful. Perhaps her most famous garment to date is a pair of beige overalls that Chance the Rapper sported on the VMA red carpet back in 2017.

The Love Heals All collection is available online at sheilarashid.com.

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