Chicago entertainer Korporate has been doing his thing for years now. He started off rapping. Some of his rap battles — posted as early as 2012 — can still be seen on YouTube. And then in January 2016, he came out the gate with skits titled #ChicagoNiggazBeLike, which would soon turn into his hit YouTube sketch comedy series, #BlackChicagoBeLike, making us laugh with each episode.

We’ve watched him grow as a content creator, shedding light in his videos on pivotal issues such as violence, safe sex and education. We’ve also watched him grow as a man, now the father of three beautiful girls (hashtag: #GirlDad). His influence in Chicago and within the comedy world is undeniable — being a consistent voice for Black Chicago while also giving opportunities to other creatives in the city. 

This week, Korporate — whose real name is Donovan Price Jr — dropped the 100th episode of his legendary #BlackChicagoBeLike series. So I figured why not make a list of my favorite moments from the series. 

Mind you, this is a list of my favorite episodes. So you might disagree with me, and that’s OK. I welcome the debates (ha-ha).

Also, I’ve taken the liberty of giving each episode my own little nickname to make them easier to remember. So, here you have it: Rome J.’s top 10 favorite #BlackChicagoBeLike moments. My salute, if you will, to a young Chicago legend. On Gaude!

#10: “Strap Up”

Not only is this Korporate’s first video on the net, but it’s also featuring his oldest child, Brazile Marie. This short clip shows Korporate telling his daughter to “strap up” when they enter the car, referring to the seatbelt. Brazile Marie reminds him that he should’ve taken his own advice — obviously referring to her existence.

#9: “Mr. James”

Chicago Chef Kay Monroe plays Korporates love interest. But just as he’s about to close the deal on what seems like a sure thing, they’re interrupted. She instantly urges Korporate to hide underneath the bed and to not make any noise as her sugar daddy “Mr. James,” played by stand-up comedian and actor Dyon Brooks, is at the door and entering the room. 

Brooks is hilarious, and a force in the internet comedian circuit. “The rent is paid and it’s time to get laid,” Mr. James says, all while Korporate takes refuge under the bed. Eventually Mr. James falls asleep after rigorous activities with Monroe and the coast is clear for Korporate to make his escape. Unfortunately for the two, Mr. James wakes up and catches Korporate while he’s leaving.

#8: “The Real World”

Episode no. 25 features some of Chicago’s biggest influencers as Korporate puts them all in a house for a #ChicagoBeLike comedy remake of MTV’s “The Real World.” Lucci Vee from the Bad Girls Club; Queen Envi, one of Chicago’s most prominent exotic dancers; and Chicago rappers, IL Will, Stunt Taylor and Rico Recklezz all make an appearance.

Now as we know, MTV’s Real World series is known for filming the cast members’ most intimate moments. On his Chicago remake, Korporate and IL Will won’t see eye to eye, and it’s all over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! It’s funny because the actual MTV version of “The Real World” is no stranger to petty arguments and Chicago is no stranger to pettiness too.

#7: “Party Line”

Who remembers the party line? Episode no. 41 features Chicago entertainer MzOhSoTrue, and is a flashback to the early 2000s as Korporate remembers what it was like to be on Chicago’s party line. Whole time, the party line was filled with catfish, and nobody was safe — not even Korporate. 

#6: “Capriccio and Condoms”

Episode no. 60 makes my list because I really value the message. 

Now like most of Korporate’s videos, he plugs a local business. He takes his date to Jerk 48, which he occasionally frequents in his videos. When Korporate decides to “test the waters,” she gets a text message and says she has to go. 

He later links with his guy, played by rapper Spenzo, and tells him about his date. Unfortunately for Korporate, his date had a reputation that was less than favorable, according to Spenzo. Moral of the story: before you invest your time and effort, you should probably get to know the person first.

#5: “The Bully”

In episode no. 44, Korporate takes us back to a moment I’m sure most of us have experienced at least once in our life. 

While young Korporate walks home from school, eating Fruities, he’s approached by a fellow classmate — a bully named Pooh Man. The bully wants the rest of Korporate’s snacks. When Korporate refuses, Pooh Man punches him in the eye.

When he gets home, his big brother — played by real Korporate — gives him the speech we’ve all gotten: “We finna go outside and find him. If you don’t beat his ass, I’m BEATIN YO ASS!”

Now I don’t condone violence, but I do condone facing your fears and defending yourself. This time, Korporate finds out that the people who talk the most are mostly just that — all talk.

#4: “Mighty Mouse”

Never enter another man’s house without permission. Episode no. 38 starts out with Korporate enjoying his stay at a lady friend’s home.

Right when things start to get heated in the bedroom, she tells Korporate that her husband has arrived, and he has to hide immediately. Korporate refuses and claims his hands are “certified” but she reassures him that her husband is “dangerous.” In the words of Korporate, he “instantly took her advice” and hid in the bedroom closet. After seeing that the husband is a little person, Korporate shows himself. 

Korporate found out the hard way that big things can come in small packages. It’s one of my favorite episodes to watch.

#3: “AP Biology”

In episode no. 36, Korporate plays a 17-year-old version of himself, taking a date to the show. But unfortunately, he doesn’t have the funds to pay for both of them. 

His lady friend — named Tiffany — says she can pay her own way. All they have to do is stop by her house to get the money. They go to her house, and encounter her mom, who is upset with the girl for not cleaning her room. WHOLE TIME, while Tiffany cleans, the mom is trying to seduce a young Korporate: “So thick that everybody else in the room is so uncomfortable,” Korporate says, quoting OVO’s own Drake. 

Like clockwork, the mom’s husband — played by Don “Bishop Don” Brumfield Jr. of VH1’s Black Ink Chicago — is heard entering the kitchen. Fortunately, he doesn’t see his wife backing it up on Korporate, but still yells, “You F— My Wife?!” Ready to die at the sight of a swole ass Bishop Don, Korporate stares blankly before Bishop Don brings him in for an embrace and to rough him up. 

There’s no deep moral to the story, it’s just a good story. We all remember those teenage years, but Korporate is a genius at bringing those memories to life.

#2: “Opp Shoppin”

Let me start with my disclaimer. I do not condone gun violence in any way. And to Korporate’s credit, I don’t believe he does either. His music and videos have transformed over the years, and he regularly addresses the issues that plague Black Chicago throughout the series. 

Episode no. 14 is the video that introduced me to Korporate. I remember instantly thinking it was hilarious, not knowing that Korporate would become one of the biggest sketch comedy influencers in Chicago and across YouTube.

The sketch starts with Korporate eating an Italian beef with fries and cheese from Portillo’s. He tells a story about how he was at his guy named “P” crib, shooting dice, when another friend comes in beaten and bloodied, claiming he got jumped. Korporate and the others hop in traffic to avenge their friend. 

Once they arrive at their destination, the group goes on Facebook Live to announce their intentions. “Where y’all at? We in Madville right now, woo woo woo. We opp shoppin.”

Shortly after the Facebook live ends, Korporate explains he spots the opposition out the gangway. He says, “Let me tell you bro, for three minutes bro, it was VIETNAM on that block, on my dead homie bro.” 

Korporate’s approach to comedy shines in everything from the way he smacks as he chews his Italian beef, to the sound effects and lingo he uses to narrate the scene. This episode was not only an accurate depiction of how stories are told in Chicago, but it also would foreshadow Korporate’s future as one of the best storytellers on the internet today. Whole time, he was making that Portillo’s look good as hell.

#1: “On Foe Nem Grave”

I picked this video for a few reasons. One, it’s funny as hell. Two, it’s near the halfway mark of Korporate’s #BlackChicagoBeLike series. 

This episode features model Mya Curvz, who’s appeared in TV series “Chicago Med” and “Chicago PD;” actress Thea Camara; and actor Mfon Akpan, who’s appeared in many of Korporate’s videos. 

Granny, played by Thea Camara, is desperately trying to get these boys on the right track. So they eventually end up at church and Korporate gets constant reminders from granny to stay awake. He soon gets a boost of energy when a young lady, played by Mya Curvz, performs probably the best — and worst — praise dance wearing tight leggings, and even doing a little praise twerk. 

To granny’s disdain, Korporate thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Then came little cuz, performing his own version of “Oh Happy Day.” Changing the words from “Oh Happy Day” to “On foe nem grave,” he sang his heart out as Korporate sat fully entertained.

This episode went viral with more than 5.3 million views. Hearing dude sing “On foe nem grave” is undeniably and overly Chicago, and nobody could’ve captured the culture better than Korporate with this one. The episode got so much attention that G Herbo sampled the soundbite on his song “OFNG” from the PTSD Deluxe album, which speaks to Korporate’s influence in the city.

is a culture correspondent with The TRiiBE.