A screenshot of Chance the Rapper as "Champ Bennett" in the new Chicagoist TV Exclusive : Elderly Aldermen

How many Chicagoans actually know who their alderman is, or what their alderman does? Well, Chance the Rapper is here to break it down for us in his Chicagoist TV exclusive, “Elderly Alderman.”

The 14-minute YouTube video is the first release under Chance’s new tenure as Chicagoist owner. The digital news site shut down in 2017 when its former billionaire owner, and President Donald Trump supporter, Joe Ricketts, pulled the plug on its parent company, Gothamist LLC, and DNA Info.

In July, Chance announced that he’d purchased the Chicagoist in “I Might Need Security,” one of four new songs in a surprise release on Soundcloud. The “Elderly Alderman” video, which dropped Friday, is a preview of what’s to come from Chicagoist once it fully launches.

A screenshot from the Chicagoist TV Exclusive : Elderly Aldermen

In “Elderly Alderman,” Champ Bennett is in full man-on-the-street interview mode. He walks up to people passing by, and asks them various questions about the role of a Chicago alderman. Most in the video have no clue who their alderman is, what an alderman does, or how much money an alderman makes each year.

West Side native Hannibal Buress makes a comedic appearance in the video. He’s dressed as the fictitious Ald. Al Durhman of the made-up 51st Ward. 

“People call my office about those boots on they car. It’s not my fault you didn’t pay your parking tickets,” Durhman states in his bit of satire. “Wish they put four on your gotdamn car. Pay your tickets.”

A screenshot from the Chicagoist TV Exclusive : Elderly Aldermen

Also lending their voices and facts to the educational video are WGN journalist Dometi Pongo, Evanston City Clerk Devon Reid, and a few of the millennial candidates running for Chicago alderman in the 2019 city elections. 

The video is right on time, as Chicago is gearing up to vote for the mayor, aldermen, and other city offices in the Feb. 26 local elections.

Click here to watch the full video.

This story has been updated to correct the spelling of comedian Hannibal Buress’ name.