Wil Akogu (center)/Photo by Nick Akogu

Wil Akogu doesn’t want to be typecast as just another rapper from the Chi. The 20-year-old son of Nigerian and African-American parents is a melting pot of sounds and rhythms that he feels is devoid from many local shows and venues. 

On Sunday, Akogu is bringing his unique style of poetry, hip-hop and soul to the Metro, where he’ll be opening for The M.E. Tour featuring Marsha Ambrosius and Eric Benét.

“I’m very humbled by the opportunity to be able to bless the same stage as these guys,” Akogu says. “A lot of the shows that I put on are in places where musicality is not at the forefront. This opportunity allows me to be all that I am – hip-hop, soul, with the energy of a rock star.”

Since her beginnings in Floetry, Ambrosius has been a long-standing luminary in neo-soul with cuts from “Say Yes” to “Far Away.” Meanwhile, Benét is a member of neo-soul’s predecessor, R&B, boasting Grammy-nominated hits such as “Spend My Life With You.” Together, Ambrosius and Benét promise an electrifying experience.

“They’re bringing a more soulful, neo-soul sound, and I’m bringing a little more edge to my music,” Akogu says. Sunday’s show will be Akogu’s first time performing solo in Chicago. His set includes songs from his 2016 EP, The Language of the Soul, and a few unreleased tracks.

“I don’t think I make one specific genre of music. I’m a musician. I dabble in everything,” Akogu says. “I’m excited to tap into this new world and find out who i am in this new world.”

Check out his versatility in his performance video below.

When: 8 p.m. Sunday, May 14

Where: The Metro, 3730 N. Clark

Cost: $35

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